COMPREHENSIVE, BRILLIANTLY CONCEIVED, this compendium of history, poetry, and politics is the best single introduction to the tragedy of Bosnia. A substantive work on the recent Balkan wars, it tells the story of the destruction of Europe's only multiethnic and multi-religious state. It is a sobering portrait of inhumanity in the Balkans and the post cold war world which made it possible.... Indispensable for courses in contemporary history and international politics.

Dr. Eqbal Ahmed, Hampshire College

McArthur Foundation Fellow, Program in Peace and National Security


IT IS A GUIDE, a reference, a conscience, and an epiphany.... The many contributors to this book give us hope that we can learn to deal with pathological politics, modern fascism. If we don't, we are doomed to repeat the Bosnian experience.

George Kenney

Mr. Kenney was the first State Department official to resign from his post in protest over US policy in the Balkans. 


FULL OF COMMON SENSE, rigorous analysis and substance.... Why Bosnia's special merit lies in its dissection of the UN-led mediating process and the skewering of the half truths and deceptions that statesmen devised as they led the West into the first major diplomatic debacle of the post cold war era. 

Roy Gutman

Winner of the 1993 Pulitzer Prize in Journalism for International Reporting and author of A Witness to Genocide.


AN EXTRAORDINARY COLLECTIVE STATEMENT. The authors dispel the myths and prejudices that were used as powerful weapons against the Bosnian people. The most ecumenical people in Europe thus also became victims of a historical and cultural cleansing. Ali and Lifschultz's work constitutes a monumental rebuttal to the fabrications and speculations of the 'Slavists' among the major powers who were able to paralyze the will of the international community to live up to its responsibilities. 

Diego Arria

Venezuela's ambassador to the United Nations and Representative at the Security Council, 1991-1993. 


IN EXPLANATIONS BEGIN RESPONSIBILITIES.... [In their introduction] Ali and Lifschultz provide a remarkably cogent narrative of how Bosnia has been undermined from within and betrayed from without. The voices that follow...swell into a chorus of pain and indignation. One impassioned essay after another debunks the myths that allow leaders and citizens of Europe, the United States, and other member nations to live with themselves while Bosnia dies.

The New Leader


A BRILLIANT, superb work. 

The Village Voice


OUR BEST RESOURCE on the background of the Balkan War. 

The Boston Review


AN INDISPENSABLE WORK for all libraries.  (Starred review)

The Library Journal


FAR FROM THE CACOPHONY the work could have been, it joins many distinctive views into one overwhelming vision of late 20th century genocide.